The Institute for Family-Owned Business is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the success of family-owned businesses in the state of Maine.

“Being a part of the IFOB has been a huge resource for me and my personal professional growth and also for Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream. I know I will take at least one piece of information that I can relay to the rest of my family from every program/event that I attend!   With IFOB, the networking opportunities and knowledge base are SPECTACULAR!” - Lindsay Skilling, CEO, Gifford's Famous Ice Cream

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How we do it!
The Institute for Family-Owned Business (IFOB) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization committed to supporting, strengthening and empowering family-owned businesses throughout the state of Maine. The IFOB serves family business owners, executives and employees through a wide range of continuing business education programs, networking opportunities and consulting services. The Institute is a comprehensive resource for family-owned business. 

Our definition of a family-owned business
A family business is a business wherein one owner either shares ownership or works in the business with at least one other family member (contemporaneously or overtime) and has a commitment to the continuation of the enterprise.

Why the IFOB matters:
  • Family-owned businesses make up 80% of Maine businesses, and 80-90% throughout the U.S.
  • Create 70-90% of GDP globally annually
  • Employ 62% of U.S. workforce
  • Family-owned firms have a greater ROA (Return on Assets) than non-family firms by about 6.65%  
  • Family businesses, both young and old, outperform non-family firms 
    - Source:  Family Firm Institute, Inc.

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